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5 Reasons E-bikes Are the Future

If you’ve ever driven past cyclists on a warm sunny day and wished you could feel the wind in your face but know you couldn’t handle the long distance, your dream may not be too far away after all. The E-Bike is something of a modern phenomenon, thanks to battery technology coming a long way recently thanks to solar, cell phones and other transport trying to make energy cells smaller and more powerful, E-bikes have taken off with sales skyrocketing all over the globe. If you aren’t aware of this latest biking development its well worth knowing whether you are a professional or completely casual on the saddle, because Ebikes promise to be around for a long time. Here are just a handful of reasons these great machines are making waves in the bike market.

No More Gas Guzzling Petrol

In the long term, E-bikes should replace other motorised two wheelers. Powered by electric rather than fossil fuels; they are already better for the planet. You can really enjoy nature on an E-Bike in many ways by contributing to its state of preservation and by taking in your surroundings without sweat in your eyes.

Pedal Assist Is Natural

Unlike hopping on a motorbike, operating an E-bike doesn’t require a new license or any new skills, simply hop on and ride like you normally would. This immedietly appeals to those used to riding, similarly riding a bike isn’t something out of reach for most people. What’s great about pedal assist is that you are still putting in the effort to cycle, you aren’t coasting off a battery, and yet you aren’t going to need to change clothes after twenty minutes.

E-Bikes Are Safe

For some people the idea of going at high speeds is terrifying, even on bikes some people brake hard on hills and try not to build up too much speed. With many E-bikes there is a speed cut out of around 15 miles per hour meaning that unless you are putting the effort in yourself you wont go over this limit. It also means people on E-Bikes aren’t going to be hazardous to others.

E-Bikes Are Safe
E-Bikes Are Safe