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Extraordinary Places for a Cycling Adventure – Part 2

Seven Lakes Route, Chile

The rather aptly named Seven Lakes route is a fantastic way to see some of the scenic wonders that South America, specifically Chile, has to offer. The route is located in Patagonia and hosts every kind of weather you can imagine. You’ll pass through several towns and villages as you visit these stunning lakes. You might even want to stop off and enjoy some local activities, whether it’s some relaxing fishing or some exciting water sports there’s something for everyone. You’ll see everything from thick forests to arid deserts on route, not to mention some breath-taking geological formations, waterfalls and even glaciers, this is certainly an adventure for any outdoor goer.

Rovinj, Croatia

If you are looking for a city break with a difference then this historic city often referred to as the “gem of the Istrian Peninsula” is an excellent place for anyone thinking of cycling. The narrow-cobbled streets make travelling by bike far more preferable and whilst you make your way around, you’ll be able to take in the magnificent architecture, showing off styles such as baroque, renaissance and even gothic. There are plenty of attractions here including museums, historic churches and even an ancient fort. Outside the city you’ll find Lim Bay, a protected estuary that is a sanctuary for wildlife, in particular birds and waterfowl. It’s also a great place to find oysters and go fishing. Here in Rovinj they really cater for the adventurous, cycling, kayaking and fishing are all appreciated here. And then when winding down you can always take a stroll on the beautiful beaches, before hitting the adventure trails in the morning again of course.

Spearfish Canyon, South Dakota

Spearfish Canyon is located on the northern edge of the Black Hills National Park in South Dakota, USA. The Black Hills are a sacred historic place to the Native American peoples, who believed that this was where they were first created. It hosts some huge and amazing canyons that are thick with forest and wildflowers, a sight to behold particularly between spring and summer where the vibrant colours here will certainly please the eyes. The canyon was once only accessible on horseback, though now it’s a great place to take you your bike and explore the limestone cliffs, this really is the great American outdoors at its best.

Lofoten Isles, West Coast of Norway

We’re heading way up north for our final destination, the Lofoten Isles in Norway. This is some pretty remote and long distance cycling however it will boast some of the finest scenery you can imagine as you make your way through these arctic mountains. It’s important that if you decide this is the place for you that you go during the summer months. Obviously, you’ll want to avoid the colder weather in the arctic circle but it’s important to remember that during this time you’ll be experiencing 24 hours of daylight, meaning you won’t have to worry about when you head out. Though it may be a more remote and maybe even awkward journey you certainly won’t be disappointed by the what you see on the journey, it’s like something from a fantasy novel.