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How to Lose Weight When Cycling – Part 2

Watch Out for High Fats and Sugar Levels

Again, this is one of those points that really covers any way of losing weight but it will certainly help you in your cycling training too. Foods that contain high levels of sugar and fat are likely to be very calorific and probably won’t provide substantial satisfaction for you when it comes to those hunger pangs. It’s likely they are low on the nutritional front too further causing you lose out on any real benefactors of eating. Swap out any of these unhelpful food or snacks, perhaps with some fruit or homemade granola.

It’s not just foods you want to look out for though, check what you’re drinking. Those fizzy drinks may taste good after a long ride but it’s worth swapping them out for something better suited, maybe a recovery drink that will help replenish proteins, carb stores and electrolytes that your body will certainly be craving after a good cycle. And make sure you have plenty of water too, that’s the good stuff.

Drink Less

Of course, by drink less I don’t mean in general (remember when I told you to drink more water?), no I mean drink less alcohol. For some this a fairly easy step, for others it won’t be. But before you consider ignoring this step, did you know that alcohol is possibly the most common contributor to unnecessary weight gain amongst adults? Yes, it may provide us with a good time on a night out but they are very calorific drinks, filled with empty calories. Worse yet the more we drink the more our senses alter, leading us to further consume more of the stuff. And finally, it then leads to one final attack on our unsuspecting bodies, it causes us to binge eat. Each drunken night is a calorie filled danger zone that’ll take miles of cycling to undo.

Don’t Fuel up Unless Necessary

It’s easy to over prepare when we head out on the open road, there’s nothing worse than hitting the wall and feeling absolutely dishevelled mid-ride so it can be easy to munch on something whilst riding just in case. It’s important to know when this is and isn’t necessary though. If you’re heading out for a few a few hours by all means keep those energy levels up but if you’re heading out for less than an hour it’s likely all you’ll need is a bottle of water to keep you going, anything else is unnecessary carb consumption.

Cycle Whenever Possible

We’ve spent a lot of time talking about diet and lifestyle because these things are really important when trying to control your weight. The final tip is to simply get on that bike whenever possible. Naturally we can’t cycle all day every day, we have lives to live, but use your spare time wisely. Why not cycle to and from work? Or to the shops? Or even to a friend’s house? Make the most of your miles, if it’s a nice day take a longer route, the more the merrier. You’ll be shedding the pounds in no time.