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The World's Fastest Bike and Other Achievements


The World’s Fastest Bike and Other Achievements

When you see sports bicycles, you do not always realize that the design parameters are strictly controlled by the International Cycling Union that is the world cycling organization. Without these rules, sports bikes could look weird. However, there is the set of exact and strict technical parameters. For example, both wheels of a bicycle must be the same diameter. There are also aerodynamic and frame shape limitations. They are adopted not only for the safety of athletes, but also for the participation of athletes in cycling, not for engineers or the mechanisms they created. Also, different technical specifications of bikes can lead to different achievements, as a result, there are a few different records of speed riding a downhill.

The Fastest Bike

For such obvious reasons, the engineering progress of technologies for the sport bikes is quite limited and has boundaries. However, Richard Egger, an engineer who works at Specialized, decided to deny the technical requirements, as a result, he designed and constructed the fUCI concept sports bike. UCI stands for Union Cycliste Internationale.

The bike he created has a much larger rear wheel that has a diameter of 33.3-inch. This bike also has a small electric motor for accelerating the rotation, aerodynamic sleekness, windshield. The exceptional geometry of the new frame and aerodynamic trunk are also worth noting. It would be strictly forbidden to participate in multi-day cycling races such as the Tour de France with such a bike. But nothing can stop cycling enthusiasts from buying this super upgraded vehicle and riding it for their own joy and fun. To be honest, the company has no plans for series production of the bike fUCI. However, the need for super-fast but super-expensive bikes is too low at the moment.

The Fastest Cyclist

Markus Stockl from Austria set a new world bike speed record. In the Atacama Desert in Chile, a 42-year-old cyclist reached a speed of 167.6 kilometers per hour on a bicycle. He set a record with the standard Mondraker Summum bike but wore a special suit and helmet that provides better aerodynamics and safety. The Austrian athlete started from the top of an unnamed mountain that is located almost 4 thousand meters in height above the sea level.

The Fastest Cyclist
The Fastest Cyclist

It took a distance of 650 meters to reach this record of speed, and he managed to accelerate on a 45-degree incline. The interesting fact is that Markus Stockl has improved his own record. In 2011, he managed to reach a speed of 164.95 kilometers per hour in Nicaragua. In order to reach this speed with an ordinary mountain bike, Markus Stockl had to practice a lot, as well as, prepare his body to keep the steady position in such a speed without any belts of security. Of course, even a higher speed can be achieved with a special downhill bike. For example, another well-known cyclist Eric Barone reached a speed of 223.30 km / h while riding down the hill in 2015.