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The Worlds Strangest Bikes

Often when picking a new bike, you’ll narrow your choice down to probably three different types, a road bike, a mountain bike or a hybrid. There are however some people in this world that aren’t happy with settling for something so simple, after all how else would the unicycle get made? Since the dawn of the bicycle the world has seen a variety of weird and wonderful contraptions, some fit to ride daily, some for only very obscure situations and some I really can’t fathom when you’d be able to. Here are a few of those wacky and wonderful (but mainly terrible) inventions.

Fliz Bike

The Fliz bike has no seat, it has no pedals, instead it has a harness that sort of dangles you partially (if at all really) off the ground allowing you to run to power it, much like the Flintstones vehicles of the make-believe stone age. This is perhaps the most reasonable bicycle of the list so buckle up folks.

Ice Bike

Like something straight out of Mad Max, the ice bike is essentially a normal bike but instead of having tyres on its wheels it has humungous ice picks sticking out of it. This is perfect for those quick Arctic/Antarctic expeditions or those day trips out on the glaciers but otherwise there really isn’t much use for this thing. Even if it does come in handy on the ice, I still think you’d probably be better off with a snowmobile or a dogsled, might be better if you have allergies though.

Double Bike

I really can’t see how this bike would ever benefit your life. Maybe if you worked in a circus and had no particular talents this could help but other wise it’s simple a bike that sits on an extra set of wheels. In order to move forward you have to pedal backwards and it’s raised an extra meter off odd the ground, so not only is it awkward to use but it will also hurt far more when you inevitably fall off it.

Shoe Wheel Bike

Have you ever been out running and thought to yourself “if my tyres were more like the soles of my shoes, I’d probably get less punctures”? Well neither have I, but someone did and that someone invented the shoe wheel bike. This bike swaps out the cumbersome outdated wheels of a bike and replaces it with a wheel constructed of six bars with shoes attached to each end of them. Now you can ride without ease or style on this utterly ridiculous waste of space.

Chainsaw Bike

It should come as no surprise that the Chainsaw Bike was made in Russia, home of an entirely different way of life. The bike looks very much like a normal bike; however, it has the addition of a chainsaw on the front of it. The Chainsaw is fixed to the front wheel and works almost like an e-bike only with far more danger attached to it. I can’t fault the ingenuity of the thing and it’d certainly come in handy during a zombie apocalypse.